Student Permit

Why Study in Canada?

Canada is a top destination for international students. Every year over 400,000 International Students choose Canada to live and study. Here are a few of the top reasons why Canada continues to be a top choice for many investing in their education.Canadian degrees are highly recognized around the world making it easier for graduates to obtain work either in Canada or any other country in the world.Canadian post-secondary institutions are affordable compared to other countries such as the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.Obtaining a Canadian degree enhance your chances of obtaining permanent residence in Canada. There are federal and provincial immigration programs in place that prioritize candidates with Canadian education. What is a study permit? A study permit is a document issued to foreign nationals to study in Canada at designated learning institutions (DLI). Most foreign nationals need a study permit to study in Canada. The study permit is not a visa. It does not allow you to enter Canada. Foreign nationals may need a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA) (hyperlink) along with their study permits to enter Canada.

Student Direct Stream:

The student direct stream allows certain foreign nationals depending on where they live to obtain a study permit faster. The processing time for the SDS is an average of 20 calendar days.

Validity of Study Permit

The study permit is valid for the length of the program of study. An additional 90 days are granted at the end of your study permit in order to allow you to prepare to leave Canada, or to adjust or extend your status.

While you are studying in a designated institution, you will be able to work a maximum of 20 hours per week. Note that studying English as a second language or French does not grant you the possibility of part-time work. Some exceptions may apply. If you are coming to Canada with a spouse, he or she will be eligible for an open work permit, which will allow him or her to work full time. This work permit will be valid for the same amount of time as your study permit.

Once your studies finish you will be eligible to apply for a Post-Graduate Work

Permit (PGWP), valid for the length of your study program. The PGWP will allow your spouse to extend his/her open work permit. Eligibility may vary depending on the province you choose to study in. Obtaining Canadian experience through study or work, can enhance your eligibility to obtain permanent residence status in Canada. With a detailed immigration plan you can reach your Canadian dream.

At Gentium Immigration we are committed to get you to your final goal. We create a personalized plan with you and explore the best path to your dream, whatever your dream is.

Whether you want to study and return to your country, become a permanent resident, or you fall in love with a Canadian we are here to guide you along the way and make this a stress-free process.

What Gentium Immigration can do for you

Step 1: Consultation in which we will design your studies and immigration plan with you. We will look into your interests and future goals to guide you.

Step 2: Education plan: In this step we will assist you to find the perfect study program, and education institution.

Step 3: Getting your application ready.Here we will assist you in completing all necessary steps to apply to the university and program of your choice.

Step 4: Once you obtain your admission letter, we will move forward with your application for “Study in Canada” permit.

Step 5: Integration: Our team will provide you with all the information and guidance needed for your arrival in Canada.

Optional: Airport pick-up