Do you want to immigrate to Canada?

Gentium Immigration is a consulting firm specialized in Canadian immigration supporting you in creating a personalized immigration plan. One of the requirements to immigrate to Canada is to demonstrate knowledge of one of the country’s two official languages, English or French. This is the reason why Gentium Immigration formed an alliance with OnParle, in order to fully support your Canadian dream. Regardless of your current level in French, OnParle has all the tools to take you to your goal at your own pace. ​

On Parle is a company created by linguistic experts in the French language. At On Parle we accompany and accelerate the dreams of our students through ultra-intensive French courses with 100% personalized live classes. Our certified teachers work through a virtual classroom enriched with supportive digital content and an innovative pedagogical model focusing on oral communication. This allows our students to learn the French language up to 3 times faster than in traditional classes. Speed that is highly valuable when planning your immigration journey, or your future studies in Canada.

Our classes are given at all times of the day as we have teachers working in all time zones. You choose the day, the time, and weekly intensity of your classes according to your availability. A certified teacher will be assigned to you so that you can start learning French at your own pace.

You can also review the recording of your class and have access to digital support content at no additional cost. This is highly valuable and recommended as the human brain can only retain around 10% of what is said. The key to success is practice and with our interactive classes you have it all on one stop.

The partnership between Gentium Immigration and On Parle allows their clients to obtain special benefits when registering to any of our programs.


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