Is studying in Canada expensive?

Every international student has a different reason to choose Canada for their education. Sometimes it is part of a broader permanent resettlement plan, to improve their English or French, or simply to enjoy Canada’s quality of life and reputable universities. One thing all these students have in common, is that they invest a significant amount of money to come to university in Canada. Today, we will break down the cost of education as an international student and try to answer the questions on every prospective international student’s tongue: “Is studying in Canada expensive?”

Tuition Fees


The main expense international students will have to consider is the tuition fees for international students. Those fees can vary dramatically depending on the program, province and university you have chosen for your Canadian experience.

For instance, completing a Bachelor of Art in Quebec will set you back between 23,000$ and 25,000$, whereas it would cost you around 55,000$ in Ontario. Science, engineering and law programs are usually higher in costs.

Universities keep the international student’s tuition fees updated on their website and you can easily find how much you would have to invest to cover them.

It is important to point out that if you hold French or Belgian citizenship, the province of Quebec will give you a discounted rate to attend university.


Colleges can offer less expensive alternatives to universities for international students. Programs are typically shorter and tuition lower. A college diploma will cost between 12,000$ and 18,000$ per year, again depending on the program, province and college you choose to attend.

Some colleges also offer bachelor’s degrees at a lower cost. You can find them in the province of Ontario for slightly over 20,000$ per year.


Another important expense for international students is housing. Ontario and the western provinces, particularly British Columbia have the highest cost for housing in Canada. Quebec and eastern provinces have much lower costs.

International Students arriving in Canada have several options when it comes to housing.

University Housing

University housing varies greatly according to the university you choose, in quality as well as costs. You should, however, budget around 3000-7500 $ per school year.

Private Student Housing

Private student housing is a slightly more expensive alternative to university residences. However, the quality of the housing as well as the amenities provided is much greater. Often offering private pools, gyms, free printing, as well as many activities reserved for their student tenants. EVO is a great example of private student residence in Montreal.

Renting an apartment

Renting an apartment can be an appealing option for international students, particularly those in upper undergraduate years or pursuing a master’s degree or PhD. Students who choose this option should be careful and informed of the rental laws in the province they have chosen.

Again, cost for rental varies greatly from a province to another, the metropolis of each province showing higher rental costs than elsewhere in the province. The average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in Canada’s biggest cities is between 1000$ and 2000$. Follow this link for more information


 The last item on our lists of expenses for international students in Canada is transportation.

Most international students will be using public transportation. Here is a breakdown of some Canadian cities monthly pass cost for students:


How can Gentium Immigration help you?

Gentium Immigration is a full-service immigration consulting firm. Therefore, we help you every step of the way in your educational path. We partner with a number of prestigious colleges across Canada as well as private students’ residence to offer you the best experience possible.

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Once your plan has been designed, we take charge of your immigration and school applications. We will advise you of all the information you are required to provide and will take care of all government communications.

Our team can help you find the program that fits you best as well as the university that matches your needs. We can also help you find housing arrangements and we provide airport pick up in some Canadian airports. Other services such as pre-arrival and integration workshops can help you be prepared for your arrival in Canada.

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