File Review and Coaching 

Our file review service was created for our customers who are comfortable with completing the majority of the application process on their own and recognize the importance of ensuring that the application is complete and to the standards of the applicable government. 

Our job is to review the work with fresh eyes and inquiring minds. We are looking for any possible mistake or omission that could cause delays or unnecessary interviewers and other consequences. The minimum time we are to spend reviewing a file is two hours depending on the type of application. The revision process is a collaborative process in which you will need to be present the entire time. Our job is to highlight any missing information, and council you on additional documentation that may increase your chances of success. 

Our coaching services are intended for individuals who are in need to prepare for an immigration interview. Often these interviews are set out for spousal/common-law sponsorships. When immigration officers are not convinced that a relationship is genuine, they can request an interview, and we are here to ease your mind and help you prepare well in advance.

The file review and personal coaching rates vary depending on the type of application and can be anywhere between $400.00 and $1000.00. We also provide an hourly rate option. It is rare that a file review can be completed in one appointment as there are usually things to fix and documents to add. Please note payment for our services is due prior to the appointment, and can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Interac Debit, or cash; we do not accept personal cheques.