Finding Foreign Workers

Expanding your business and finding qualified Canadian employees is not always possible, which has a significant impact on your business performance and productivity. Hiring a temporary foreign worker to fill the gap that is created when a job shortage hits may be the solution for your company. These processes can be complicated as well as time consuming. Which again takes a price on your company’s productivity. At Gentium Immigration we take care of the entire process for you! We will find qualified international candidates, and once they are selected by your human resources team, we can begin the immigration process, while you stay focused on your company.

This is how we do it

Diagnostic Consultation

We will assess your company needs, and your eligibility to hire international workers. At this stage we will provide you with all the information you need to fully understand the international recruitment process and the immigration process.

Recruitment Plan Development

At this stage we will analyze your recruiting efforts in Canada, offering support, and developing a recruiting plan with you that fits your industry, your field and your needs. We will also develop an international recruitment plan and look for the right candidates to fill your job gap.

Immigration and Recruitment Solutions

The immigration process starts here. You will select the candidates that best suit your needs and we will represent you before the Government of Canada and Quebec (if applicable), in hiring foreign workers. We will take care as well of your candidate in their immigration process.

Settlement and Integration

At Gentium Immigration we take integration seriously. We want our workers to love their new life, their job, and their new country as home. We will provide newcomers with personalized preparation and information to ensure their integration, and their settlement in their new workplace as well as in the community. This improves employee retention
In collaboration with our associates, we are able to offer classes in English and French, both online and even in person for new hires, including language preparation exams, which are required by immigration. At this stage we also plan, together with your help, to support the foreign worker to become a permanent resident.