About Us

Gentium Immigration Corp was born with a dream, a dream of accompanying you through this life-changing journey, one that we don’t take lightly. Whether you are looking to fill a labour shortage in your business, to travel for pleasure, study a short or long period of time, temporarily work or make a permanent move to Canada, we are here to make that process stress-free for you. Our commitment to you is one of determination, perseverance, work ethic and most importantly transparency.

There are too many immigration stories ending with deportations or loss of status because of a lack of proper representation. Our founder, Vanessa, was a firsthand victim of improper representation as a child, which led her and her family to be deported from the United States of America. This painful process taught her the importance of a trusting relationship with your representative, and the major implications of irresponsible representatives. This memory lives with her and allows her to understand her clients on a deeper level. At Gentium Immigration, we take your life plans seriously. We understand what it means to you, as we have been there ourselves.

Immigrating to a new country means changing your entire way of life and adjusting to a new world. It also involves leaving your home behind. These two processes are both heavy emotionally and physically. Gentium Immigration is here to take some off the weight off of you. While you plan for your big move, we will take care of your immigration plans, so that you have a smooth landing in your new home.

Vanessa Cortes

Vanessa Cortes, CRIC,

President & Co-founder

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant #R529529, and Certified Quebec Immigration Consultant #71139, Vanessa Cortes has worked in the field of immigration since 2015, helping individuals realize their Canadian dreams. Fluent in English, Spanish and French, Vanessa is here to meet you where you are and help you create the best strategy for your immigration plans. She holds a degree in Political Science from Concordia University, a Certificate in International Affairs from Science Po Paris, a Certificate of U.S. Immigration from Washington College of Law and is currently a Human Systems Intervention Masters Candidate at Concordia University while pursuing a degree in Law at the University of Montreal.

Vanessa has always been involved in her community from an early age she has volunteered with children and women in local organizations. She is currently volunteering at the YWCA in Montreal as an immigration consultant, helping women in need get access to affordable legal services. She also founded the UNICEF student association at Concordia University during her undergraduate degree and collected funds to help children across Canada and the world. A dedicated mother of two beautiful boys, Anthony and Oliver, with a thirst for knowledge and a strong sense for judgment. Vanessa owns two dogs, and is passionate about four-legged family members, remember that they can also be part of your immigration plans!


Vincent Chouinard, M.A,

Vice-President Operations & Co-founder

Vincent always had an interest in law and immigration, which led him to co-found Gentium Immigration. Vincent holds a Masters in Political Science from University of Montreal, a Bachelor in Political Science with honours, and a Certificate in Law from York University in Toronto. He has over 10 years of experience in team management, and operations. Vincent has vast experience in research and government processes and procedures. He is currently studying to then pursue his certification with the ICCRC as a regulated immigration consultant. He is Fluent in English and French.


Jessica Gonzalez

Jessica has been working in the administrative field for the last 10 years, in different industries, and has now joined Gentium Immigration. As a daughter of immigrants, Jessica believes in the Canadian dream, and understands the importance of proper representation for future families.


Jessica Connor

Jessica has over 5 years of experience in the field of social media marketing and is passionate about immigration. She holds a certificate of Accounting from McGill University. She has joined our team to coordinate our social media exposure. Jessica is fluent in English and French.


Nathaly Cruz

Nathaly has over two years of experience as an international agent. She holds a degree in International Business. Nathaly is fluent in Spanish and is currently located in Madrid, Spain.