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Who we are

We are the new standard in Canadian Immigration

We invite you to become familiar with us, after all, you are putting a lot in our hands.

Immigration is a unique kind of business because delivering results means a new life for the people we represent. That´s why, where others see files and information, we see hopes, goals, and the hard work and preparation to become eligible for Canadian immigration.

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Gentium Immigration at a glance

Our firm was born from the same parents that many good things humans have achieved: from struggle and a dream. When our founder and CEO, Vanessa, was a little girl, she, beside her family, went through the shameful experience of being deported from the US. Relying on misguided advice and representation led them to go through something so traumatic that helped define what she would become as an adult.

Often, a bad beginning makes a bad ending, and sadly, that is true when talking about immigration services.  Gentium Immigration was born out of a genuine desire to accompany people on that life-changing journey, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. Our purpose is to provide the right advice and the most professional representation available. Let us take care of your application and, you will have time and peace of mind to take care of your family and the many other things moving to a new country implies.

We are a Canadian Immigration firm serving clients across the world in their immigration plans. All our consultants are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and the Ministry of immigration, integration and francisation of Quebec (MIFI). We only work with clients whose file we find is strong enough to succeed in their immigration journey. If you do not qualify, we will present you with your future options and provide you with a plan to increase your chances, if there are any. We value honesty and commit to being 100% transparent with our clients at all stages of the process. We offer our services in English, French, Mandarin, and Spanish languages.